Books for parents with fearful children

Books for parents with fearful children

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1 the fearful child
Francisco Xavier Mendez
What is fear for? Is it better to be cautious than to be too brave? Why are some children so afraid? Why are animals, blood, storms, or monsters scary? And the fear of the unknown? How can parents help their child overcome his fears? What to do when the child goes to the parents' bed at night? And when you do not consent to part a minute from them? And when he refuses to go to school? This is a guide to orient parents to their children's fears.

2. Fears and fears in childhood: helping children to overcome them
Francisco Xavier Mendez
Children experience different fears throughout their development. Loud noises, strange people, loneliness, animals such as spiders, mice, dogs or snakes, charming beings like witches, ghosts or aliens, injections or dentists represent a sample of common fears in childhood. Evolutionary fears are healthy because they offer the possibility of learning to face difficult and stressful situations that the child will inevitably encounter in his life. But, about 5 percent of childhood fears are so intense that they are a source of suffering. This work describes the psychological mechanisms that explain why fears appear and remain. It illustrates with practical exercises how to correct fear inventories and other psychological instruments to evaluate childhood phobias. It details the therapeutic strategies used with children. It offers concrete guidelines for action on fear of the dark, separation anxiety disorder, school phobia, and disease-related fears.

3. I am no longer afraid
Various Authors
What are you afraid of? Would you be happier if you weren't afraid? This fantastic book with windows speaks of all kinds of fears: the fear of spiders, bugs and the dark; the fear of doing new things, of going to new places, of looking different and being mistreated ... and many other fears that we have all felt at some time. Thanks to this book you will understand that you have to talk about your fears and try to overcome them. Plus, the cutout cards at the end will give you ideas to fight them!

4. Children's fears
Alberto Magni, Evi Crotti
This book is about the various fears and anxieties that all children experience during their first years of life and that they will overcome before reaching adulthood if we allow them to express them openly, without weighing them down with logical reasoning. The essential thing is that parents pay attention to their non-verbal messages and enhance their emotional intelligence through an understanding and supportive attitude. Drawings and squiggles often translate the child's personality traits that the child is unable to express either with other non-verbal signs or through language.

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