Spain is a good country to be a mother

Spain is a good country to be a mother

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In the latest study carried out by Save the Children, Spain, which for two consecutive years was ranked 9 in the ranking of countries where motherhood is best experienced, this year it ranked 12.

According to the video that accompanies the report, babies born in Spain are very fortunate to be guaranteed, from the moment of their birth, health and educational assistance until they are older. However, for Spanish parents the problems come from another route. The period of maternity leave is shorter than in other countries, which forces many mothers to request leave from work. They also complain that there is still a great inequality in the salaries of fathers and mothers, and every day it is more difficult for families to find places in nurseries, which also makes it difficult to reconcile work and family life. On the other hand, in the worst country in the world to be a mother, nine out of ten women lose two of their children in their lifetime because one in four children dies before reaching the age of five. We are talking about Niger, one of the poorest countries in Africa, where the majority of women do not reach 45 years of age, and where only 4 percent use any contraceptive method. The lack of assistance in childbirth, savage rapes and machismo, reconciled with malnutrition and illiteracy, condemn African women to marginalization. Only 33% of deliveries are attended. The data of the study are extremely alarming, especially if we contrast the Niger report with that of Sweden, considered the best country in the world to be a mother. In this country, women receive formal education for 17 years, have an average life of 83 years, and 72 percent use some method of conception. Additionally, only one in 150 will lose a child before the child is 5 years old. The study measured the health, education, nutrition, well-being, and political and economic status of women in 146 countries. Colombia ranks 59th, below countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and Peru. The top 10 countries in the study are from Africa. The top 10 countries where it is best to be a mother are European. Mexico ranks 68th, while the United States ranks 27th.

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