Swine Flu: Child Care in Nurseries

Swine Flu: Child Care in Nurseries

Because of the flu, many nurseries and schools were temporarily closed in Mexico to prevent the virus from spreading among children. If you do not live in Mexico and your child goes to a nursery or kindergarten, it is best to be attentive to some tips on the care in the handling of children in their facilities.

Apart from following general swine flu prevention and control measures, that is, washing hands with soap and water after a cough or sneeze, before eating, and touching the eyes, mouth and nose, should be encouraged to Preschool caregivers to: - Wash hands and toys with soap and water, avoiding any dirt.

- Always wash your hands after having contact with children's nasal and oral secretions, especially when the child has a runny nose or sneezing - Watch out for children with persistent coughs, high fever and sore throats, if any flu outbreak notification in the city where you live. The educational center must inform parents about any change in the health of their child.- Avoid contact of a sick child with others. It is advisable that the child who is sick does not go to the educational center, as a measure to avoid the transmission of the disease.- Notify the municipal health secretary if you notice that there is an increase in the number of children who do not attend the center due to problems These measures are important not only because we refer to the prevention of swine flu, but because they can also be effective in avoiding diseases such as chickenpox, conjunctivitis, or others.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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