Do you know the Feber houses?

Do you know the Feber houses?

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Do you know the Feber houses? They are houses with careful design developed so that the little ones can enjoy their own space under the safety and quality of the Feber brand. Their fun colors and varied options make them irresistible, and now much more with the news that we bring you ...

From next June 14 (until July 14), “Los irresistibles de Feber” will be launched, an attractive action with which to get a luxurious and fun little house for your little one at an irresistible price: 25% less. With this great discount you can have your Feber house from € 75, irresistible right?

We give you clues so you can choose the most suitable house for your little one: Fantasy House the best quality / price ratio, Feber House like the real ones, with doors and windows that close, Fancy House with a play tray to stimulate the imagination of the smaller, Sweet House with integrated "porch" or the Grande Villa Feber with ample space and every level of detail. If you have not downloaded your coupon, do so now and don't miss the chance to get your Feber house at an irresistible price.

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