Maternity in Norway achieves an A

Maternity in Norway achieves an A

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Breastfeeding your baby and at the same time combining work with your children seem, in practice, very difficult tasks to accomplish, but in Norway this is possible and thanks to this this Nordic country has been declared "the best country to be a mother" in 2010, according to the report on "The state of women in the world", made by the Save The Children Foundation.

Efficiency and speed when educating and caring for children are essential tools for Norwegian mothers, who get good marks in almost all issues related to motherhood, from 56 weeks (1 year and two months, approximately) that lasts the maternity leave, female life expectancy reaching 83 years, the low income difference between men and women, low infant mortality and high fertility rate, even a good educational and health system to take care of children.

Breastfeeding the baby is almost an obsession in Norway and combining work and children, a right that can be contemplated. For a year, mothers can count on a guaranteed place in nurseries. Two years ago, the country broke records for the construction of daycare centers. Apart from that, the country has about 2,000 midwives who attend 70 percent of deliveries alone, and the Norwegian mother can choose to take 46 weeks off with 100 percent of salary or 56 weeks with 80 percent.

The man can enjoy another 10 weeks with the full salary. The incorporation of women into work, parental leave and gender equality are measures that make healthy motherhood possible in Norway. Working women have a standard 37.5-hour week, their vacations are five weeks a year, they have 20 days off without justification due to their children's illness, and they are the mothers who have the most time to spend with their little ones. In addition, families receive about 120 euros per month for each child they have, up to 18 years of age. It is not surprising that the birth rate has increased a lot in recent years. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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