6 things you need to help your baby sleep better

6 things you need to help your baby sleep better

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When you're a parent, sleep deprivation just comes with the territory. But the good news is, there are products and tools that can help your baby sleep better and if your baby sleeps better, you sleep.

Creating a consistent bedtime routine will help signal to your baby that bedtime is coming.

There are three simple steps.

Start with a warm bath followed by a gentle massage and then end with a little quiet time.

Bath time can be very soothing for babies. I mean, who doesn't like a relaxing bath? Johnson's Bedtime Baby Bath and Baby Lotion have a gentle calming scent and when you use them as part of the three step bedtime routine, that'll help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

After a nice warm bath and massage, change your little one into a set of cuddly PJs or a sleep sack, which are basically wearable blankets. I kind of want one myself.

Reading aloud to your baby so they can hear the soothing sound of your voice sets a calming and relaxing tone. It can be your favorite childhood classic or even just a book of your own because as long as baby hears your voice, that's all that matters.

A white noise machine can mimic the sound of the womb, which can help comfort your baby or you can get a fun stuffed animal that plays lullabies and sing along softly.

A baby monitor can transmit your child's softest coos and cries so you can know how they're doing while you're in a different room and you can avoid going in to check on them and waking them up in the process.

Establishing a bedtime routine and sticking to it will help you get some sleep even if your baby is a night owl.

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