How your baby's sense of taste develops

How your baby's sense of taste develops

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Your baby’s sense of taste first starts to develop when he’s in the womb. By the time you are nine weeks pregnant your baby’s mouth and tongue have formed and he will have his first tiny taste buds.

As he develops, he'll begin to taste and smell the foods you eat through the amniotic fluid that surrounds him. Eating healthy foods while you're pregnant can give him a taste for them later on.

As a newborn, your baby’s taste buds are very sensitive. He's able to distinguish between sweet and bitter tastes. He prefers sweet tastes, like breast milk and will show disgust if faced with anything bitter or sour.

After six months of being fed breast milk or formula, it’s understandable that new tastes come as a surprise to your baby when you start introducing them. Sometimes your baby might love a new food straightaway. But you may need to offer it many times before your baby accepts it.

Giving your baby lots of different foods to try, with various tastes and textures, may help him enjoy a variety of foods as he get older. Let him explore foods at his own pace. The first few tastes may be just that – a taste and explore with his tongue, before dribbling it back out. Through encouragement and support you can help him get used to different foods and feel confident about trying them.

Most toddlers go through a phase of eating a very narrow range of foods. Unfortunately, this is a normal part of their development. Your toddler needs time to learn that unfamiliar foods are safe and enjoyable to eat. He will gain confidence by watching you and others eating the foods he is unsure about.

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