How I weaned my child from the bottle

How I weaned my child from the bottle

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The way I weaned him from using a bottle was just to introduce big kid cups I guess you could say. We started off with the—like a two-handled sippy cup type of thing. And it was really hard because he was used to the softness of the nipple, so we had to sort of find a cup that was still a soft texture.

I think the good thing is because I have two older sibling, so was easier for her to see, “Okay. The other two are not using it, so now you’re a big girl. You don’t need to use it.”

I didn’t need to wean him. He one day just went, “Done.” Didn’t want it. Binky, same thing. Done.

My son never used a bottle. He nursed. And then when we started giving him liquids mainly just getting a cup of water and put a straw in it.

I’m still in the process of weaning my son off the bottle. And we are substituting bottles with cups during the days. Kind of a problem would be the night feeding that he still—is an addict to the bottle.

At six months, I introduced the sippy cup. He didn’t really know what to do with it. I gave him the spout sippy cup. I gave him a straw sippy cup. He really didn’t care so much about it. But I just kept putting water into it. Kept reintroducing different styles, different sizes, colors. And then about ten months, he started to get the idea that there was something different tasting in the sippy cup. And he started to get the motion of it. And then at 11 months, I started taking away bottles. And every three days, I would take away a bottle, so that by the time he was a year he was fully on a cup.

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